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Health and Vitality with Empowering Wellness

We are one of the longest standing Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Remedial Massage, Naturopathy, and Holistic Therapies Clinics in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. We are passionate about health and vitality in life and offer a number of professional holistic and natural services to help you reach your health goals and develop on your wellness journey. Book online now!

Our team of amazing practitioners brings their wealth of knowledge to support and empower our clients to thrive in their life! Instead of only treating the symptoms, we focus on locating and understanding the underlying cause of the disharmony. Our aim is to not only resolve health issues but also to educate and help develop a complete approach to managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our friendly wellness clinic team will work with you, using a holistic range of traditional natural therapies and modern technologies, to find the best individualised solution for you and your family!

Unlock your spine, release your energy

Chiropractic Clinic Burleigh, Gold Coast

Expect much more than just a spinal adjustment. The treatment will include Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-emotional Technique, and sometimes Dry needling as well as the traditional spine manipulation. Our deeply experienced Chiropractor is passionate about holistic and preventative health. Instead of only treating the symptoms, he will focus on locating the root cause of disharmony.

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A natural approach to digestive health

Naturopathy Treatment, Burleigh Heads

Naturopathy is a holistic therapy that treats the individual as a whole. We’ll utilise various treatments to boost your body’s natural healing potential, restore harmony in your body, and prevent any disease from occurring in the future. This experience will support the body, mind, and emotions as it is suitable for various health conditions, including digestive problems, autoimmune issues, fatigue, stress, mood disorders, skin conditions, and more.

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Designed to ease muscular pain

Dry needling uses fine, single-use, sterile needles, similar to acupuncture, and massage which are inserted into trigger points and tight muscles to encourage muscular release, based on anatomical and neurophysiological principles.

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Relax your body and free your mind

Remedial Massage Clinic, Burleigh Heads

At Empowering Wellness, we provide our patients with a series of premium massages that will help ease your body and leave you feeling relaxed. Our massage therapists are fully trained and accredited to service your needs. If you’re struggling with tight muscles and painful knots throughout your body, opt for a remedial massage from our experts today.

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Assisting you to access your self-healing power

Genome Healing will take you inside your body, communicating with your organs and body systems directly for the purpose of healing. This modality also helps to transform your life issues and challenges into possibilities and success. You will be aware at all time, seating comfortably and just have a amazing conversation followed by instant transformation.

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Let your body speak through you.

Kinesiology Therapy Burleigh, Gold Coast

Defined primarily as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical and emotional energy. Kinesiology can establish the body’s priority healing needs and evaluate energy changes brought about by a broad spectrum of manual and non-manual therapeutic procedures.

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Help you improve your well-being

Counselling and Behavioural Therapy

Counselling encompasses a broad range of practices that help people improve their well-being, alleviate distress and conflict, resolve crises, and increase their ability to function better in their lives.

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Connect, breathe, embrace

Community Yoga

As a therapy, our yoga program provides you with guided exercises, breathing techniques, postural alignments, and visualisations that will help improve your mental and physical health. Yoga is a widely popular form of natural treatment as it will leave you in a relaxed state and ease the mind of any stress or worry. We conduct classes for every level and in locations that deliver beautiful natural views.

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Our Therapies

SERVICE'S Treatment Therapies

As holistic therapists at Empowering Wellness, our mission is to find and correct the cause of what is preventing you from enjoying life to its fullest today. Through personalized, expert health care and education, coupled with using your body’s innate ability to heal and repair itself, miracles can and do happen.

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    Chiropractic For Sports

    Reduce tenderness & inflammation

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    Paediatric Chiropractic

    Treating children to keep them ever healthy

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    Pregnancy Chiropractic

    Reduce pain & allow for greater mobility

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    Lumbar Spine Adjustments

    Find the source & create treatment plan

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    Cervical Spine Adjustments

    restore alignment and motion, relieve pressure

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    Chiropractic Hip Adjustments

    Help manage and reduce hip pain.

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  • masssage-img6

    Sports Massage

    Tailored to relieve performance-related pains

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    Deep Tissue Massage

    Provide stress relief & relaxation

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    Myofascial release Massage

    Identify and repair areas of the body that require a boost

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    Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    Provide benefits to the structural body & internal organs

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    Trigger point Therapy

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    Pregnancy Massage

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    Craniosacral Reflexology Therapy

    Based on acupressure & meridian-therapy

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    Acupressure and Reflexology

    Treating illnesses or physical pain through reflexive points

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    Working on energy centres or Chakras

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  • Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Designed to ease muscular pain

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  • Access Consciousness

    Access Consciousness

    Focuses on Access Bars - 32 points on head

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  • genome healing dna

    Genome Healing

    Focuses on correcting the spiritual & emotional imbalance

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Choose our team of professional therapists for the best services in the Robina, Miami, Elanora, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, and Varsity Lake areas when it comes to your wellness journey. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 07 5535 9833.


Dr Chris Lentile

Chiropractor / Kinesiology/ NET / Dry Needling

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Mark Barone

Musculoskeletal Therapy / Nutrition / Frequency Therapy

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Dominique De Groote

Remedial Massage / Craniosacral therapy / Genome Healing

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Melody Bass

Remedial Massage / Craniosacral therapy / Genome Healing

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Silvinha Macario

Remedial Massage / Acupressure / Dry Needling / REIKI

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Reception/ Admin/ Remedial Massage

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Practice Manager

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Patient reviews

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Are you ready to take your health back into your own hands?


Empowering Wellness team is competent and committed to heal at all levels of the Human Body-Mind-Spirit Temple 🙂 they treat and see every each person uniquely, always with optimism, and vast care. Few months already I’ve been a regular patient and I surely recommend this Healing Centre!

Bhagwati Kaur

I booked a deep tissue massage with Silvia. She is an excellent practitioner. Very professional and thorough. She really helped my tight shoulders and calfs. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring massage

Mark Norman

Last week I had a severe sciatic nerve problem and I literally crawled into the clinic.
Dr Chris and therapist Mark took amazing care of me not only was their knowledge thorough but the whole team at empowering wellness had empathy for my situation.
Everyone took time to understand my situation and a thorough follow-up has really helped me.
Thank you to the whole team at empowering wellness

Urban Parables

Dr Chris really helped me to improve with my constant migraines, he does a wonderful job by understanding my needs and seems to also be really intuitive. I happily recommend to him. The receptionist is absoutely lovely too.

Olivia Wallace

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