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We Remain Open

Dear Clients and Friends:

As you all know strong measures are being taken to curb the spread of Corona Virus.

*You may think we are closing down.*

Please note, this is NOT the case. We are complying with all the requirements from the government, with proper sanitation, social distancing and, no crowded reception – prevention is the wisest approach.

The best thing you can do to yourself and family members is to maintain good health. As such, please remember that regular adjustments will help to keep your immune system strong and protected.

We also have a range of supplements to support good immune function, carefully selected to give the most reliable results, such as liposomal Vitamin C, Colloidal silver, and Oxygen and so on.

In addition, we can use our Rife Technology to generate specific frequencies to protect and enhance your immune response.

We all need to be proactive rather than reactive. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sure, self–isolate if you need to, but don’t stop caring for yourself, physically, mentally and chemically.

We are here, we do care, and we will listen to your concerns. We are committed to keeping you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Yours in Health and Wellness,
Dr Chris Lentile

Health and Prevention at Empowering Wellness

We are one of the longest standing Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture and Natural Therapies Clinics in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. We have always focused on a Holistic and Preventive approach to Health and Vitality. We are here to help our Community through a number of professional holistic and natural services which are essential especially during these days.

Outstanding Practitioners

Our team of amazing practitioners bring their wealth of knowledge to support and empower our clients to thrive throughout their life!

Instead of only treating the symptoms, we focus on locating and understanding the underlying cause of the disharmony.

Our aim is to not only resolve health issues, but also to educate and help develop a complete approach to managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our friendly wellness clinic team will work with you, using a holistic range of traditional natural therapies and modern technologies, to find the best individualised solution for you and your family!


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