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Integrative And Holistic Therapies

Welcome to Empowering Wellness.

We are your go-to Integrative and Holistic Wellness clinic in Burleigh Heads. To get started with your wellness journey today, book an appointment with our team.

Health and Vitality with Empowering Wellness

Who We Are

We are one of the longest standing Natural and Holistic therapy clinics in Burleigh Heads. Offering Chiropractic care, Remedial Massage, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Counselling, Frequency Therapy, Energy Healing and many more integrative treatments. Our holistic therapists at Empowering Wellness are dedicated to finding and correcting the issue preventing you from living life to its fullest. Through our personalised and customisable treatment plans, our experts will provide exceptional care and education to boost your body’s innate ability to heal and repair itself.

We aim to provide a comforting and safe environment for our guests as our massage therapists and health professionals are highly trained and experienced. At Empowering Fitness, we want to help you relax and continue your healing and wellness journey throughout every stage of life. Hence, with our combination of natural therapies and modern technologies, we guarantee that you will leave our clinic feeling empowered on your health journey.

Unlock your spine, release your energy

Unlock your spine,
release your energy


The wisdom of ancient
Chinese medicine
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A natural approach to
digestive health
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Remedial, Deep tissue,
Acupressure and more
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Treatment Therapies



Why Choose Us?

Our team at Empowering Wellness are trained professionals and will help boost your body’s energy and vitality. When it comes to your wellness journey, choose our team of experienced therapists for the best services in the area.

  • Results (in just 2-3 visits)
  • Cost-effective
  • We Can Help All Cases

Our Team


How much will my private Health Fund Pay?

This percentage depends completely on your Fund and level of coverage. In average, they will cover between a 30% and 60%, so you only need to pay the remaining balance after your treatment, and that is great news!

Can I claim Massage on Private Health Fund?

Certainly, yes! All our Massage Therapists are Qualified and Registered with HICAPS so you can swipe your Private Health Fund card and ONLY pay the remaining gap.

What does Remedial mean?

Remedial means it can correct, “remedy” and rehabilitate injuries or disease. Remedial massage is intended as a targeted treatment for pain and injury. It is far beyond just a relaxation massage, although it is still a wonderfully relaxing experience! Our Remedial Massage Therapists at Empowering Wellness Burleigh Heads, have studied and prepared themselves for longer than many of their colleagues and must thoroughly understand the way the body works and the tissues they are treating.

Can I book online?

Yes! You can book Chiropractic Initial Appointments, which include the Adjustment and you can also book Massage.

Just follow the link here!

What does the Initial Chiropractic Appointment involve?

During your Initial Chiropractic Appointment firstly, the Doctor will assess your medical history. Then he will evaluate your current situation and your needs. After this, the Chiropractor will provide the complete Chiropractic Adjustment and treatment.

Will I be treated in the first consulation?

Yes, you will be adjusted in the first appointment and hopefully feel much better already!

How long does the Initial Treatment take?

Your Initial Chiropractic Appointment will take about 30 minutes.